Meet the founders

Jill Emberson

Pink Meets Teal was founded by Newcastle Citizen of the Year Jill Emberson who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2016. Her mission is to build a broad army of advocates for ovarian cancer.

“We are few in number and die quickly, making it nigh on impossible to achieve the traction that breast cancer women have attained. With wide community help, we can achieve funding fairness for ovarian cancer and achieve our dream of survival.”

Anne Kempton

Anne runs the fibre art gallery Timeless Textiles, and hosted the first Pink Meets Teal activity on World Ovarian Cancer Day in 2019. On this day Anne also launched a fundraiser for Ovarian Cancer called Fearless Flowers.

Every Wednesday women gather to make flowers out of fabric and felt. They will sell the flowers on International women’s Day 2020 and all money will go to ovarian cancer research.

Ann Caddey

After teaching Visual Arts for 30 years, Ann has now been the director of “the Drawing Room” for 10 years, where artists have gathered in a warm and inclusive environment to draw the human form from life. 

“My inner circle of friends and family have many breast cancer survival stories. When I was diagnosed in 2016, I felt fortunate because there was a wealth of research to offer me the best treatment for the best possible outcome, and fortunate because millions of research dollars had been invested to provide this for me. After intensive treatments and a collaborative team approach, I am now cancer free. “

“I hope that one day my Ovarian Cancer sisters are given the same chance of survival, and I hope to raise awareness of the need for equity in research funding. Really, it’s just sisters helping sisters. “

Associate Professor Nikola Bowden

Associate Professor Nikola Bowden is the DNA Repair Group Leader at the Hunter Medical Research Institute and leads a team of research staff, clinicians and students who work together to use traditional chemotherapy in new ways to treat ovarian cancer and melanoma. Nikola is the recipient of the Vanessa McGuigan HMRI Research Fellowship in Ovarian Cancer supported by the McGuigan family of the Hunter Valley.

“Our ultimate goal would be to see all cancer patients have a treatment that works for them. Not necessarily a cure, but treatments that allow people to live long and happy lives, even if that means living with their cancer. We have reached our ultimate goal if people die with their cancer rather than because of it,” Nikola says.

Dr Olga Ostrowskyj

Dr Olga Ostrowskyj is a highly respected GP at Hunter Women’s Health in Broadmeadow. Ten years ago she was diagnosed with breast cancer and successfully fought the disease. Now, she is a founding member of Pink Meets Teal and is a staunch supporter of our fight for funding fairness.

“The resilience of women will often see them ignoring perceived minor symptoms placing their families health first and themselves last. As a result ovarian cancer, an insidious disease, is often detected in an advanced stage. As yet the medical profession has NO TEST for detecting Ovarian Cancer in the early stages. I would certainly like to see monies donated to breast cancer fundraising now being redirected to researchers working on a test for ovarian cancer. Women’s genitalia and reproductive organs are hidden in the pelvis of our bodies. It is high time more money be directed to early detection of diseases of a woman’s total body not just her breasts,” Olga says.

Jess Jones

Jess is the Pink Meets Teal social media and digital lead. She is passionate about helping people get the most out of their technology and enjoys working closely with Jill, Anne and Ann to make sure Pink Meets Teal has a resounding voice in the digital realm. 

“Check your breasts for lumps. Make sure to get regular breast check ups. Have your Pap smear. My generation are well versed in what to do to about breast cancer or cervical cancer… but very little is shared with us about Ovarian Cancer. Now that I know the symptoms are symptoms many of us experience regularly, the importance of raising awareness and funds for an early detection test is paramount. I want to make sure my mum, my sisters, my best friends, my niece are all in the know – it could save their lives.

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