Pink Meets Teal Receives Support from Australia’s Leading Breast Cancer Charity

September 10, 2019

Australia’s leading breast cancer charity, The McGrath Foundation, has given its support to the Pink Meets Teal campaign which is calling on governments and the community to support funding fairness for ovarian cancer research, treatment and support.

Following ABC-TV’s Australian Story profile of Newcastle Citizen of the Year and Pink Meets Teal founder Jill Emberson, The McGrath Foundation CEO Holly Masters said in a statement, “We believe Pink Meets Teal is a fantastic initiative and whole-heartedly encourage organisations that drive awareness of and support for women’s and men’s health initiatives. We wish Jill and her team the very best of luck with the campaign.”

Ovarian cancer is one of the deadliest cancers in Australia taking the lives of more than 1,000 women each year but it is also one of the most underfunded, receiving FOUR times less than breast cancer.

“At the launch of Pink Meets Teal in May 2019, I called on breast cancer survivors to help raise awareness around the funding disparity for those with ovarian and other reproductive cancers and the response has been overwhelming and inspiring,” says Jill Emberson, who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2016.

Thanks to more than three decades of dedicated fundraising and research, breast cancer now has a 91% five-year survival rate with hundreds of millions of dollars poured annually into treatment and support including dedicated nurses. In contrast, ovarian cancer’s grim outlook has remained virtually unchanged with just 46% of women living longer than five years.

“I’m thrilled that The McGrath Foundation supports the work of Pink Meets Teal as we urge governments and the wider community to look below the waist when it comes to cancer funding in Australia,” says Jill Emberson. “It’s wonderful to see the silos around cancer charities start to come down.”

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